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Clients select Brite because they seek big ideas, value and a strategic, long-term partner. With Brite,
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BRIGHT STAR touring theatreBRIGHT STAR touring theatre
SISTERS OF MERCY urgent careSISTERS OF MERCY urgent care
JPS certified public accountantsJPS certified public accountants
MOUNTAIN housing opportunitiesMOUNTAIN housing opportunities
FESTIVA hospitality groupFESTIVA hospitality group
WEBB investment servicesWEBB investment services
KARPEN STEEL custom doorsKARPEN STEEL custom doors
LIFESTYLE HOMES of distinctionLIFESTYLE HOMES of distinction

BRIGHT STAR touring theatre

Branding | Identity | publication design | website design


Bright Star Touring Theatre has grown into one of the largest professional touring theatre companies in the country. Performing for more than 1,500 audiences annually, it not only performs traveling productions across the country, its acts have been seen as far away as Russia. Bright Star programs bring theatre to schools and communities that are often underserved by the arts and showcase the magic of theatre to young people who may not always have the chance to see it.


Bright Star wanted to take its touring productions to a new level and to even more destinations. It also wanted to appeal to adult groups as well as children. To help with that, Brite revamped Bright Star’s image by creating a new identity that is inviting to all. It also reworked the entire Bright Star catalog to better represent the high caliber of the company’s productions.


Now that these two “brights” (Bright/Brite) have come together, Bright Star has seen a significant increase in bookings and revenue. Brite has had a wonderful time working with such a creative tour de force… so much that more expansion is on the horizon and Brite plans to be there every step of the way.

SISTERS OF MERCY urgent care

Branding | marketing strategy | web design | mobile web | social media | photography
special events | television, print, online and outdoor advertising | public relations
collateral | environmental design


Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care, Inc. exists to provide cost-effective, quality-oriented healthcare to the residents, businesses and industries of Western North Carolina. It wanted to expand its reach geographically and quantitatively while retaining its commitment to providing compassionate, affordable health care.


Sisters of Mercy hired The Brite Agency to develop its annual marketing plan and budget, allowing the company to better track its marketing dollars and the performance of various tactics. It also needed to build top-of-mind awareness to battle new providers battling for market share.


The result was an award-winning awareness campaign that has kept Sisters of Mercy as the top choice for treatment in non-life threatening medical situations. Brite’s plan has also assisted the non-profit organization in being more focused with its marketing dollars, bringing in more patients while staying within a budget. To date, Sisters of Mercy has served over a million patients in Western North Carolina.

JPS certified public accountants

Branding | Corporate Identity | Web Design | Print Advertising
Public Relations | Collateral | Environmental Design | Photography


Johnson Price Sprinkle PA provides innovative financial solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Due to the wealth of services it offers and its dedication to growing the businesses it serves, the firm needed to reposition itself as regional leader.


Brite was hired to rework the JPS brand and to empower the organization to live by that brand. From philosophy to tagline, positioning to graphic identity, Brite helped JPS reinvent itself, both externally and internally, all the way to its core.


Not only did the new JPS brand win numerous awards, it catapulted the firm into a ring with the most respected accounting firms in the nation. Brite’s steadfastness and insight has been invaluable to JPS, which is why the agency is considered a strategic partner of the firm. Brite helped JPS “Be Greater.”

MOUNTAIN housing opportunities

branding | identity | event materials


Mountain Housing Opportunities is a private, non-profit community development corporation whose mission is to build and improve homes, neighborhoods, communities and lives. It also strives to build hope and dignity in the people it serves.


When Mountain Housing Opportunities wanted to completely restructure its largest fundraising event of the year, they enlisted Brite for the rebrand and rollout. We created a new look and materials for the event that allow donors to be more connected to the organization’s projects and actual see their contributions at work.


Today, Mountain Housing Opportunities generates a significant portion of its annual income from this spectacular event, allowing it to fulfil its mission with increased donor engagement. Because, after all, these are more than just units of housing; they are home to some of Asheville and Buncombe County’s most vibrant neighbors. For the last decade, Brite has been thrilled to be a part of something so important to our community and has worked with Mountain Housing Opportunities for over a decade.  


Marketing Strategy | Web Design | Mobile Web | Social Media | Public Relations
Editorial | Publication Design | Photography | Special Events


A Look at Asheville is a hard-bound, full-color guidebook showcasing the best Asheville has to offer. This annual publication is placed in the rooms of the better B&Bs, hotels, motels and resorts in the Asheville area.


The Brite Agency is responsible for every facet of this annual publication, including story ideas, interviews, copy, photography, design and production. Brite constantly strives to show visitors what is new and what not to miss while visiting this fine city.


With the release of its 10th edition, Brite has built this publication into the number one resource for visitors staying in Asheville area hotels and B&Bs. A Look at Asheville is read by nearly 2 million people annually. Brite’s painstaking resolve to promote local, independent businesses and artists is evident in each page.

FESTIVA hospitality group

Naming | Branding | Corporate Identity | Environmental Design
Collateral (Consumer and Training) | Publication Design | Photography & Video Direction


Festiva Hospitality Group is comprised of more than 24 boutique interval ownership resorts located in some of the most sought-after destinations in the United States and Caribbean. Since its formation in 2000, Festiva has become one of the most successful privately held vacation ownership companies in the country.


Since most Festiva sales prospects have no information prior to visiting a sales center, Festiva needed a powerful, on-site marketing material package that would convince prospects to make one of the biggest purchases for their families in two short hours. The marketing materials had to enable the sales force to build trust with their clients, effectively explain a complicated product and then secure and retain the sale.


To meet this challenge, we needed to immediately engage the prospects when they entered the sales center and build their trust. We developed large sales boards that spanned the entire sales center telling the Festiva story. We then developed materials and visuals for the sales presentation as well as an award-winning take-home member book to further secure the sale. Upon release of these materials, Festiva has seen record low rescission rates.

WEBB investment services

Creative campaigns | Special Events | Collateral | Photography Direction | Sponsorships


There are two sides to money: the technical and the personal. Webb Investment Services helps clients navigate the personal side of financial change and is extremely adept in the technical side of managing and investing their money.


When Webb Investment Services needed assistance with their 20th anniversary and overall marketing, Brite developed a comprehensive plan to make new ideas come to life. Through a series of ad campaigns and a stand-out anniversary gala, we did just that.


Today Webb Investment Services is uniquely positioned to inspire and assist clients with their financial futures. The personal side of finances is front and center, setting Webb Investment Services apart from other wealth management providers.

KARPEN STEEL custom doors

Print Advertising | Collateral | Publication Design | Tradeshow Display | Photography


Custom steel door and frame manufacture, Karpen Steel, has been in business since the late 1970s. It is known for its quality workmanship and ability to quickly ship custom products to its customers.


Karpen Steel needed an agency to help them with a variety of marketing projects so the company could concentrate on its customers. It also wished for a new outlook to its advertising, collateral and tradeshow display since the majority of its customers come from industry shows.


Who knew that rabbits, baseballs, muscle cars and motorcycles could sell more doors and frames? Brite did. And it brought new energy to Karpen, allowing it to shine above its competitors at tradeshows and in industry-wide advertising.  According to President Rachel S. Smith “We have had so much success from this fresh approach. If potential customers didn’t consider us before, they do now.”


Branding | Collateral | Print Advertising | Promotions


Founded in 1987, the Asheville Downtown Association is a non-profit organization committed to the preservation and improvement of Asheville’s vibrant central business district. The ADA promotes and supports economic, cultural and residential development of downtown for the benefit of locals and tourists alike.


As Downtown Asheville continues to grow, the ADA faces increasing competition for sponsors and volunteers, and a public whose attention is divided among countless entertainment options. The Brite Agency was charged with updating the association’s marketing and communications materials to help it stand out, with the ultimate goal of increasing participation on multiple fronts.


Ongoing work includes posters, ads and other promotional materials for events such as Downtown After 5, Oktoberfest and the Downtown Heroes luncheon, as well as a sponsor guide distributed to area businesses. Additional work for 2012 included enhancing the ADA logo for the association’s 25th anniversary.


Branding | identity | tagline | creative campaigns | media schedule | direct mail | complete campaigns (creative, print, radio, TV, billboard, online)


HomeTrust Bank is the 6th largest community bank headquartered in North Carolina. As of June 30, 2016, HomeTrust had assets of $2.7 billion. Founded in 1926, the community-focused financial institution bank has 39 locations throughout North Carolina, Upstate South Carolina, East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. It continues to grow its footprint through acquisition.


When HomeTrust needed a marketing partner to assist its in-house team with workload, it called upon The Brite Agency. We work with HomeTrust on a variety of different levels… from complete campaigns to monitoring and managing media traffic, on the commercial side and on the retail side, and as high up as the overall brand messaging. When HomeTrust needs us, we are there in whatever capacity necessary.


Brite continues to bring many successes to HomeTrust by using creativity to connect the bank to its current customers and to attract new ones. By blending the bank’s small-town, personal relationship focus with the expanded capabilities of a larger, more regional banking institution, we’ve assisted HomeTrust in customer retention, potential customer attraction and illuminating the bank’s position of being “ready for what’s next.”

LIFESTYLE HOMES of distinction

Corporate Identity | Web Design | Print, Online and Outdoor Advertising
Public Relations Collateral | Environmental Design | Photography


Since its founding in 1996, Lifestyle Homes of Distinction and its affiliates have developed new-home communities throughout Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina. The company also offers complete real estate services through its sister company, Prudential Lifestyle Realty.


Lifestyle Homes of Distinction selected The Brite Agency to provide comprehensive branding and marketing for several of its communities. In addition to naming communities and crafting logos and taglines, Brite created complete collateral packages and managed extensive advertising campaigns.


Brite’s work resulted in identities that were at once distinct and unified. When viewed individually, each community’s marketing was reflective of its location and personality. When taken as a whole, the company possessed a strong brand representative of the quality of its work. 


Publication Design | Direct Mail | Gift Ideas


What happens when you slap some funny sayings and graphics on doormats, coasters, magnets, napkins, towels and T-shirts? People laugh and come back for more. High Cotton creates fun and wacky items for the gift market ranging from cute to raunchy and sweet to outrageous.


When High Cotton needed help with their new product catalog, well… we couldn’t resist. Add to that their need for new product creative and we were in hook, line and sinker. We knew that with High Cotton, it’s always fun and games.


Brite completely revamped High Cotton’s catalog with an impactful, retro-kitsch look to mirror its numerous lines of hilarious products. We also had a hand in creating some new items for existing product lines that are now being sold across the country. How cool is that?

The Brite Agency | 29 Montford Avenue , suite 200 | 828.350.9500 | info@briteagency.com
The Brite Agency | 29 Montford Avenue , suite 200 | 828.350.9500 | info@briteagency.com